Anti-Anxiety Medications

Anti-anxiety medications are prescribed for their fast-acting relief of panic symptoms. These medications work to relax the central nervous system, which can lower the intensity of panic attacks and cause a person to feel calmer. Due to their tranquilizing effect and rapid relief, anti-anxiety medications are often prescribed to treat panic disorder.


Benzodiazepines are the most commonly prescribed class of anti-anxiety medication for panic disorder. Known for their sedative effect, these medications can quickly reduce panic attack symptoms and induce a more relaxed state.

Is Klonopin Addictive?

All benzodiazepines, including Klonopin, are classified as controlled substances. Therefore, these medications have the potential to become both physically and emotionally addictive and abused. If a person develops dependence on Klonopin, discontinuing the drug can become difficult as withdrawal symptoms may occur. Common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, seizures, tremors, vomiting, and irritability.

As a way to reduce the possible risk of addiction and dependence, your doctor will discuss the safest way to administer and monitor your medication over time. Never attempt to reduce your dosage on your own. To prevent possible withdrawal symptoms, your doctor can assist you in discontinuing Klonopin by gradually decreasing your dosage over time.

Clonazepam Dosage

Clonazepam comes in regular and dissolving tablets.

Carefully remove dissolving tablets from the foil packaging.

Make sure your hands are dry, and don’t push tablets through the foil. Put these tablets on your tongue right away.

Your dose of clonazepam will depend on the condition you have and your response to the drug.

Your doctor will start you at a low dose and increase your dose until you have a good response. This may take a few weeks.

Clonazepam comes in tablets of 0.5, 1, and 2 milligrams (mg).

A typical adult dose to treat seizures may start at 1.5 mg a day, divided into three doses. Your doctor may gradually increase your dose to a maximum daily dose of 20 mg.

A child’s dose to treat seizures depends on weight.

A typical adult dose to treat panic disorder may start at 0.25 mg twice a day. After three days, your doctor may increase the dose to 1 mg a day.

You’ll most likely take clonazepam one to three times a day at about the same time. You can take it with or without food.

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