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Origin of the products

For a long time, experts have warned against ordering medication from unauthorized “online pharmacies”. Allegedly the goods are for the most part forged and carry an immense health risk. A well-known consumer magazine wanted to find out if that was true and gave seven orders for Diazepam at seven different stores.

The result: Only the consignment from India contained a fake product. These tablets, according to the laboratory’s analysis, consisted of a lactose-based excipient and a small amount of blue color. But they did not contain an active ingredient.

Six of the received packages contained the ordered drug. Four packs had been produced in Spain, one in Portugal, one in Turkey and one in India. The lab found that “99.9% certainty” was originals.

At the headquarters of the manufacturer in Switzerland they did not want to know about these results. In a brief letter, the company spokesman pointed out that their products are sold only by legal means. As the products get into the channels of the gray market, therefore, it withdraws its knowledge. The spokesman said in the request expressed suspicion that the group knowingly even supplies the gray market in individual cases, as the spokesman as “completely out of thin air”.


Since it is hard to avoid individuals continuing to buy diazepam in online pharmacies, the only option for physicians who are serious about their work is to give advice to patients when they suspect something and, if possible, to ensure their safe use To advise on medication. Many doctors even see this as a chance to deal professionally with the abuse of medication. Previously, patients have changed doctors to get new prescriptions. Today, they rather stay with their family doctor and change “only” the source of supply.

We are against the supply of fake and low quality pills.

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